‘Sweet Dreams’

Set in contemporary Britain, 12 year old Charlotte has all of the usual stresses in her life, getting through school, friendships, how to be cool, boys…oh, and how to win a nationally televised cooking competition! But when she begins her quest for culinary recognition Charlotte doesn’t account for how life may get in the way.

She has the support of her parents David and Kate, but life is pulling them and their marriage apart. Add into the mix a younger brother who begins to require special attention at school and Charlotte’s part time job working at her local Italian deli for Bruno, family friend and mentor to Charlotte’s culinary aspirations and life gets tough.

As Charlotte navigates her way through the minefield of pre-teen life, can she cope with the failure of her parent’s marriage, the demands of her brother’s issues and juggling schoolwork with competition practice? Has she got what it takes to become the country’s ‘Junior Top-Chef’ and even if she is successful will it bring with it the outcome she really wants or needs?

Most importantly, when final decision time comes will she have both the skills and the strength of character to sacrifice her own ambitions to save the most precious thing in her life instead?

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